Olenas Smokin Lynx “Sky” is a bay,registered quarter horse mare that was foaled in 2000.

Sky is an awesome mare; breeding as well as performance. She has a lot of Doc Bar breeding and is a granddaughter of Docs Lynx and Doc Olena. She is a pretty little mare with a gorgeous head. She is very athletic and has won Amanda many Champion and Reserved Champion awards gaming at local horse shows. She is a very fun mare to ride and floats when she moves.


The last couple of years she has also been used as a lesson horse for the more experienced kids. They love riding her because she is so quick and smooth.

Sky has produced five very athletic foals for us.  We would love to get in touch with her offspring again one day!

Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/olenas+smokin+lynx

Ike is a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding that was foaled in 1996.

He was donated to Blazin’ Saddles by our good friends Brian and Kelly Gillund.  He was used as a roping horse for years and then was used as a game horse, competing in barrels and poles.  He came to retire at Blazin’ Saddles and has been a great addition to our lesson and therapy horses and is a favorite of many!  We are very thankful for Ike!

Docs Easy Shooter “Shooter” is a 2014 brown gelding out of TW Hickory San Sport and Never In Style.


He is very smart, athletic and willing to learn.  His dam, Never In Style, won money on the race track before we purchase her for a broodmare.  He was Amanda’s next barrel prospect but he has shown her that he is going to make a sweet and gentle lesson horse.  He just doesn’t have the desire for speed.

Jace has decided that Shooter is going to be his mounted shooting horse.  I guess we named him right!

Pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/docs+easy+shooter

BSR Smokin Sunshine “Shine” 2018 palomino filly out of TW Hickory San Sport x Sun Jet Lady.

Shine is the sweetest filly! She is going to make a great therapy and lesson horse as she is so gentle and just loves people.  She is coming along very nicely under saddle and has already put on many, many trail miles since we started her this spring.  Her willing to please attitude makes her very enjoyable to train!

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/bsr+smokin+sunshine

Blaze 2018 sorrel Quarter/pony cross out of TW Hickory San Sport x Sugar (Shetland pony mare).


Blaze is as sweet as he is cute!!  He is a very quick leaner and is doing so well under saddle.  Tyla has been helping train him and he will make a fantastic lesson pony one day!

Tuff 2018 buckskin Quarter Pony out of TW Hickory San Sport x Spice (Hackney pony mare).

Tuff is a very smart and athletic colt.  He will make a great gaming or mounted shooting pony one day.  He is being lightly started under saddle and is very willing to please.  We have also been teaching him tricks.  He knows how to say “yes” and “no”, smile and bow.

Jack is a sorrel Quarter horse gelding that was foaled on 2008.

Jack is a been there, done that kind of horse.  He has been ranched on a lot and will get a job done but takes it nice and easy when a kid is put on his back.  He has a rocking horse trot that many of our students love.

Herman is a dunalino colored miniature horse gelding that was foaled in 2011.

He is sweet as can be and brings a lot of smiles to little faces with his cuteness!  He rides and drives and loves pulling his little cart.  Our daughter, Tyla, loves standing on Herman bareback out in the pasture and he doesn’t mind a bit.

BSR Charlie Horse “Charlie” is a 2015 buckskin gelding out of TW Hickory San Sport and Sun Jet Lady.

We sold Charlie as a yearling and were blessed to buy him back in the fall of 2020.  He has a love for people like his siblings and we are so happy to have him back!



Spitz N Giggles “ReRun” is a 2015 sorrel gelding out of TW Hickory San Sport and Never In Style.

Pedigree: https://www.allbreedpedigree.com/spitz+n+giggles

This colt is out of one of our favorite mares. She was bred by Ryder before we sold her and had this colt on April 5, 2015. She died a couple months after he was born and he was left fending for himself in a group of mares and foals until the owner realized the mare had died and foal was an orphan. He contacted me a few weeks later to see if I was interested in the colt. We picked him up the end of September 2015 and he was skin and bones. He has grown a lot since then and is filling out nicely.  You would never know he started life as an orphan.  He has the sweetest temperament and would love to be a lap dog rather than a horse. He is very special because his mama, Never In Style, was one of our favorite broodmares.

ReRun the day he came to us in July of 2015.  We were unsure if he would even make it because he was so thin and malnourished.

ReRun winter of 2015.

Rerun winter of 2016.

Rerun fall of 2017.

Rerun summer of 2018.

Rerun in 2019

We cannot believe how much he has grown and filled out.  He absolutely loves people and is always the first one to the gate, hoping he will get taken out.

Rerun in 2020/2021

He loves pulling the wagon and sleigh with his full brother, Docs Easy Shooter.  With his strength and energy, you would never know he was the thin, sickly colt who came to live with us in 2015.

Rerun is sponsored by Austin and Jennifer Porter and their kids, Landon and Eden, of Strandquist, MN.  Thank you to the Porters for being a blessing to Blazin’ Saddles!

BSR Roughryder “Ryder” 2019 palomino colt out of TW Hickory San Sport x Olenas Pawnee.

Ryder was our last colt born at Blazin’ Saddles out of our stallion Ryder, so he was named after his sire.  He also looks just like his daddy so the name fits him well.  He was born on Josh’s birthday on March 28th.

Ryder will be started under saddle this spring.  He is going to be a big boy and close to 16 hands already.

Pony 2010 Sorrel Quarter/Pony Mare.

Pony is a wonderful little pony mare that we have come to love very much in the short time we have had her.  She is a beautiful 13.2 hand pony and will make a great addition to our program.  She is very quick and fun to ride.

AJ Queen Allie “Honey” 2008 Palomino mare our of TW Hickory San Sport x Classy Queen Lexi.

Honey was born at the Blazin’ Saddles ranch the first year Amanda lived on it.  She was sold as a weanling and we were able to purchase her back spring of 2021.  She is going to make a great addition to our program as she has the same sweet temperament of her siblings out of Ryder.

Dolly 1999 Belgian Mare.

Our big girl, Dolly, is the first draft horse we have owned at Blazin’ Saddles.  She spent most of her life as a plow horse with her Amish owner and now will live out retirement being a therapy horse at Blazin’ Saddles.  We are more than excited about this gentle giant!

She was very thin when we got her and her feet were in rough shape.  After a trim, some good feed and a teeth float by our equine dentist, she is looking much better.  We are hoping to keep putting more weight on her.


Sonny 1998 Red Dun Gelding

Sweet Sonny was a family horse and very loved before he came to Blazin’ Saddles.  The family couldn’t use him anymore due to some arthritis issues but he will make a great therapy horse for our smaller riders.  We are thankful to have him for his retirement at Blazin’ Saddles.

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