Whats happening on the ranch?

We are a little behind on starting lessons and events this year because of all of the water everywhere!  This is why we are hoping to have an indoor arena very soon so that we can continue even in the wet years.

We took in an orphan foal the end of April who lost his mama due to complications during foaling.  We are hoping he will survive and thrive!  Tyla named him Ezra because the name means “help” and he needed our help.  I am exhausted from feeding around the clock but he gets stronger each day so it’s worth it!

This is little Ezra the day he came to us.  He was three days old and was skin and bones.









We have been feeding and loving him and hoping he thrives!

This is Ezra on May 2nd. He is still a little peanut but is slowly filling out. Keep him on your prayer list!!  We hope that he will be a blessing for the kids at camp to see this summer.



Spring newsletters are have gone out.  Please contact Amanda if you would like a Newsletter.  blazetraining@hotmail.com



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