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Blazin’ Saddles was a dream many years ago.  Wendy had a dream of a place where people could come to be loved by people and horses.  It started with day camps for kids and gradually grew into larger overnight camps sponsored by local churches.  The last few years, we have started to focus on horse therapy and healing for people through horses.

Blazin’ Saddles ranch is a small family business consisting of Rick and Wendy Smith, their daughter, Amanda and her family.  Amanda and her husband Josh live at the Blazin’ Saddles Ranch with their children, Tyla and Jace.  Josh and Amanda take care of the ranch and all of the animals.  Rick and Wendy are a big part of it as well and are always willing to pitch in and help!

The Gang at Blazin' Saddles

Wendy as a little girl

Wendy has had a passion for horses since early childhood. Her dad was a horse trader and put her on everything he brought home to see if it was broke!  She has enjoyed riding and raising horses throughout her life and has a desire to keep learning more about them.

She attended a training course at the MN Horse Training Academy and learned a lot from the training program Larry Surrett uses.  She is thankful that we have been able to share our love for horses with people through the equine services we provide. We desire to help change people’s lives through our horses.  Her prayer is that we can be used to bless others and glorify God in what we do.

Rick and Wendy Smith

Amanda as a little girl

Amanda has loved and ridden horses since before she could walk. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Crookston in 2008 with a degree in Equine Science. She was also one of the first certified trainers under Larry Surret, MN Horse Training Academy.

Like her mom, she also has a passion for helping others and can especially relate to youth who are searching to feel loved and women healing from unsafe relationships.  Her desire is to help others heal through horses as so much of her healing has come from spending time with her equine friends.

Josh, Amanda, Tyla & Jace Tungseth

Tyla is nine years old and loves art, building with Legos and is our social butterfly!!  She also has a love for horses and is a good little rider.  She is tiny but tough and helps her mom with training the ponies.  She loves riding her gelding Jack and helping train her three year old quarter pony, Blaze.

Jace is five years old and is our little cowboy and animal whisperer.  He loves horses and dogs and anything with an engine!  He loves his miniature horse, Herman and has many favorite quarter horse geldings .  He plans to take up mounted shooting and likes to practice with his cap gun on Shooter.

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