Blazin’ Saddles Training

“The horse knows…He knows if you know.  He also knows if you don’t know.”  Ray Hunt

Training fees: $1,000/month or $250/week.  Hay included but you must provide your own grain if your horse requires it.

My goal as a trainer is to make horses the safest they can possibly be so they are ready to be used in any discipline desired by their owner. I focus a lot on desensitizing when starting young horses. It is very important to teach horses not to be afraid of things they might encounter on a trail or anywhere they are ridden. I need dependable and safe horses that won’t shy from every little thing they see when I’m riding. I get them used to flags, tarps, plastic, different things touching their bodies, dragging beside them and coming at them.
I have an obstacle course set up in the woods where I take them over bridges, teetering bridges, boxes of cans, over tarps and mattresses.
I also like to get them used to vehicles, ATV’s and gunfire. I teach every horse to respect my space when leading. I also focus a lot on flexing, bending, collection and making a soft and supple horse. I teach them to turn on their hind and front ends. Neck reining, side passing and trailer loading are other things I work on in my training program.
I have certain things I hope to have every horse doing at the end of their training. Every horse is different and how far each horse gets in their time with me, depends on the horse and its learning ability. Horses are like people; they all learn differently and at different speeds. Some catch on faster than others. My job is to treat each horse as an individual and train according to how the horse learns best.

I have learned a lot over the years from some very knowledgeable people, but there is always more to learn. A real horseman listens and learns from others, and most of all has a genuine love of horses.

An email I received after putting 30 days on a two year old Haflinger:

“Hi Amanda, Gee, where do I start…Rock is doing GREAT!!! In the past month we have been in two parades, Maplewood 3 or 4 times and lake Carlos also. He is amazing..I have been riding almost every day, his neck reining is going great too. I am so pleased that I took him to you for training, I can’t thank you enough for giving me back such a well-mannered young man. Anytime you need a reference, have them call me anytime. JoAnn”

Please call or email Amanda for more information on training and availability.
218-876-6609 or

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