In Memory

This page is dedicated to our equine friends that are deeply missed.  It amazes me how one animal can touch the lives of so many.

We miss you dearly Big Red, Dandy, Judge and Trigger!  Thank you for teaching us to be better horsemen.  We are forever grateful.

Big Red 1974-2005

It was Memorial Day when Dad told us the news,

Of our dear old friend, so loyal and true.

He turned 31 the spring that he passed.

In the ninety degree heat, he just couldn’t last.

His bones were brittle and his back was swayed

From all the miles he’d put on in his day.

He taught Ty and me to ride when we were small.

The patience he had were a lesson to us all.

Upon his back, oh the tricks we tried to do;

We played cowboy and Indians and he put up with that too!

Big Red had heart and loved to run.

In his younger years, many a barrel race he won.

His whinny was unlike any I’ve heard.

It will forever stay with me like the sound of a kind word.

He greeted Dad each morning when he fed oats and hay.

I know he will miss that greeting at the start of every day.

It was hard to say goodbye and we sure did cry,

But I know we’ll meet again in the pasture in the sky.

Dupes Dashin Dandy 1986-2013
I am forever grateful for this wonderful mare that was so patient with me and taught me how to ride. She rode like a dream!  I will always cherish the memories I have as a little girl riding her and being so proud of her.   I am also thankful that my little girl, Tyla, was able to meet Dandy before she passed.

Judge Levan 1986-2013
We were blessed to have Judge donated to Blazin’ Saddles by some friends. He was a gentle giant standing nearly 17h and was a favorite of many kids. Judge was very special and is deeply missed. He touched many lives in the time he was at Blazin’ Saddles and gave many children their first rides!

Trigger 1988-2018
Trigger was beyond special.  He is a horse that will never be forgotten and is extra special because he taught our daughter, Tyla,  how to ride.  He was so honest and kind and she gained confidence riding alone on Trigger and learned how to lope on him for the first time.

Not only was he special to our daughter, he was special to many of our therapy kids as well.  So many kids took their first ride on Trigger and although he stood a good 16h high, he was gentle as could be and helped them relax and gain confidence.  We talk about Trigger often and I know that our daughter will love telling her kids and grandkids about Trigger one day.  He is that special horse that gave Tyla a love for horses.  I am forever grateful to him for that.

Izzy Rowdy ~ April 5, 1994-2019

Rowdy was a very special gelding we owned in his younger years, who came back to live at Blazin’ Saddles for his retirement.  He was a very special part of our lesson and therapy programs and was also our son, Jace’s, first claimed horse.  Rowdy was the first horse Jace rode “all by himself” and they had a truly special bond.  Jace still talks about how much he misses Rowdy when he looks through his special photo album with pictures of him and Rowdy.

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Rowdy #2 1995-2020

Rowdy #2 was given to our son, Jace, by his grandpa Tom.  Jace loved and missed the first Rowdy very much, which is why he decided to name his new horse after his “Old Rowdy.”  He proved himself worthy of the name because he was a very good boy like our first Rowdy.  He was very gentle and took good care of his riders.  He is another horse that is missed at the ranch.

Cowboy 1995-2020

This horse…when Josh and I were dating (in 2013), I took him with me to look at a horse because we needed a replacement lesson/camp horse. He was cheap (all I could afford) and I think Josh probably thought I was crazy when I actually took him home after the attitude he gave me when I tried him out.
For the first month I owned him, I regretted paying the $1000 I had for a replacement on him. He pitched a fit and tried to run me into the ditch every time I would make him leave the yard. He pulled back so hard every time we tied him that he would break his halter and flip over backward. Not to mention, he was the homeliest horse I had ever owned with his humongous head and tiny hindquarters.
That was our Cowboy…until he decided to ditch the attitude and become the best horse I had ever owned. He was living proof that looks are only skin deep!
In the six years we had with Cowboy, he was loved by and a favorite of more kids than I could ever keep track of. He taught so many how to ride and was the catalyst for endless giggles from kids who thought his gas issue was hilarious.
He blessed not only those who come to Blazin’ Saddles but was the best horse I could have asked for to teach my own kids. Tyla became such a confident rider because of him and I loved seeing her smiling face running through the game patterns with him. She was so proud of herself when she went on her first little trail ride all by herself and Cowboy took good care of her.
Jace became such a good little rider with Cowboy’s patience. Even though he was in pain most of the time from his arthritis, he taught Jace how to lope during his last summer with us and gave him his all at our end of summer horse show, limping with every step.
Cowboy had so much more life left than his old, arthritic body could keep up with. He had so much heart and gave his all every single time.
We said goodbye to him and his best friend Rowdy #2 the fall of 2020.  Jace got to take him for his last ride and he got lots of last loves and treats. Tyla was devastated beyond words. She really loved her Cowboy.
Morning chores will never be the same…letting Cowboy out so he could find his stall in the barn and take forever to eat his grain…those things that annoy you until you wish you still had to do them.
I am so thankful I took a chance on the ugly buckskin gelding that we came to love so very, very much. Our hearts were broken the day we said goodbye but we are thankful for the time we had with him and all that we learned from him.
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